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Why cleansing your data will save you time and money

At the core of modern business lies data. From pursuing potential leads to reinforcing brand relevance in the public sphere, data is integral and often at the forefront of business decision making. However, data is also volatile. The mobility and changes that are the cornerstones of capitalist societies imply that addresses will change, phone numbers will be swapped and names might eventually be altered among other details. For these reasons, databases need constant checks and balances through a process called data cleansing.

What is data cleansing?

Data cleansing is a process that involves removing, fixing, and updating any incorrect, corrupt, duplicated, or redundant data from a database. It is essentially the necessary maintenance that allows continuously correct informed decision-making.

How it saves you time and money?

Data is always dying which means that with time it is likely to be out of use, and as it falls out of use, its quality drops and it can become detrimental to the success of your business. This is easily relatable to our personal address book. Friends move house and get married, etc. Unless the address book is updated, then come Christmas time your carefully chosen greetings card will not land on their doormat. The same reasoning can be applied to data cleansing. This is why records have to be updated constantly to keep a healthy relationship with clients and potential leads that will eventually lead to higher conversion rates. Below are three ways data cleansing can save you time and money;

1. Increased Productivity

When the database of an organization is accurate and up to date, employees will find it a lot easier to work and make the most of their time daily. They will not be saddled with the burden of trying to find customers whose contacts are not in use or expired. A venture like that is time-consuming and reduces productivity on all levels. A well-kept database increases efficiency and makes employees happier because they can carry out their jobs easily. It also ensures that when it is time to reach out to the clients, there will be accurate data.

2. Informed and efficient decision-making

At the centre of decision making in any business is the client data. This is what influences the direction the business will lean towards because they are in touch with what their customers want. When data is kept accurate and updated, it becomes easier to use that same data to make informed decisions in business processes. This greatly contributes to its success and legacy as a brand. The 21st century has made it a must, to let your customer data guide your decision making.

3. Early detection of underlying issues

A lot of companies are under the impression that occasional audits are enough to keep data updated. This is not true. If data is constantly dying then it is necessary to also have a consistent system for checking on that database. This is why it is necessary to have staff that will also shoulder the responsibility of keeping your data accurate and up to date. The periodic checks will identify any data issues your company might have and will go to great lengths in ensuring that your marketing campaigns do not suffer from incomplete or incorrect data.

The success of any company is often determined by how organized their system of operation is. While no company sets out to be a failure, seemingly little things like data cleansing can be the demise of a company if neglected. Take the necessary steps, keep your data accurate, and ensure that you stay relevant in this fast-paced world.

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