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Power BI Consultancy

Our Power BI Consultancy offers a range of options to help you gain visibility of your data and  gives you access to interactive dashboards, reports and insights at your fingertips. 

We can help you produce a one-stop site for all of your decision making information and as a director, manager or user, you can feel confident that your decisions are back by fact.

Financial Analyst
Analysing data


Our proven Power BI lifecycle allows us to create effective dashboards and reports by following 3 phases.

Our initial Discovery phase helps us understand your needs and ensures Return of Investment (ROI) through careful calculation. 

Father and Son Flying a Drone


We identify data sources, business processes and your decision making policies.

From this information we build specifications for bespoke Dashboards and Reports that will provide the information needed to make a data-driven decision

Building Under Construction


In this phase we establish a working relationship through weekly update meetings.


This involves testing and clients providing feedback on the Dashboards and Reports which gives you control over your Dashboards. 

Holding Hands


After completing a lifecycle iteration, we train our users so that they have the skills to use our Reports and Dashboards to maximise potential.


After the first cycle, we provide a ticket desk, online knowledge base and dedicated phone line.

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