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An Introduction to Power BI

How can a Business utilize Power BI

In the corporate scramble for market share, companies have been taking creative measures towards being on the winning side of this race. Amongst the myriad of tools that have been utilized by major businesses, there is Power BI; an intelligence solution created for businesses by Microsoft.

What is Power BI?

Power BI (business intelligence) is the foremost business analytics system in the industry that generates synergetic interfaces from BI analytics that are easy for front end users to parse and understand at a moment's glance. The basic idea is to create an interactive interface so simple that anyone can draft their reports from it. It also gives companies a simple system through which they can merge data from diverse systems, parse that data, and share the results in digestible formats with other members of the organization.

It is its capacity to create custom dashboards and its overall ease of use that sets Microsoft Power BI apart from the rest as one of the industry's foremost Business Intelligence solutions.

How does Power BI work?

The Power BI software is available in two options; on-premise and cloud. It employs a system that includes the import of data. After the data import, reports and data visualizations can be generated for the end-user. Multiple sets of data can also be generated and users can tweak and repurpose data within the parameters set by the administrator.

Power BI has tons of services and features within its analytics suite, some of which are necessary to highlight;

Power BI Desktop

It is a self-service tool that allows data scientists to generate reports and connect cloud data from different sources.

Power BI Mobile

With this, any user can gain access to generated reports on their mobile devices.

Power BI Gateway

This is the center of the Data for Power BI. Its primary function includes keeping the database secure.

How Businesses can utilize Power BI

The world has gone beyond the age of spreadsheets and files. Data no longer needs to be analyzed and curated in that manner. Any business that wants to harness the full capabilities of the current digital landscape will do well to adopt Power BI. Below are a few ways Power BI is being used by businesses in the world' today.

Artificial Intelligence

Users of Power BI are privy to cutting-edge data analytics and image recognition technology that go the extra mile in creating ease and raising the bar in the BI landscape.

Ease of Use

The interface of Power BI has been created in such a way that is not complex and it allows anyone to generate the insights they require for the most part.

Real-time information

As data is imported into Power BI, updates occur in real-time. This allows for effective and spot-on decision making.

Customizable security features

Also, the security features on Power BI can be customized to filter out irrelevant data from view. This reduces the risk of information overload and irrelevant data.

Every organization wants to be at the forefront of innovation in their respective field. While Power BI cannot ensure a company's success, it will reduce the burden of the process and streamline information to make it easier and faster for any organization to determine through big data where they are headed.

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