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Power BI Consultancy

Our Power BI Consultancy offers a range of plugins for your data that gives you access to interactive dashboards, reports and insights at your fingertips. 

We can help you produce a one-stop site for all of your decision making information and as a manager, you can feel confident that your decisions are back by fact.

Below you can find a range of plugins to large providers with sample data for you to look at. 

Please be advised that the dashboards can only be viewed on the desktop. 


Google Analytics

SAGE 300 - Accounts


Our Process

With years of experience, our staff have the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Springhead, we use a variety of technology for KPI's, Automation, Business Intelligence and Innovation within the Microsoft environment. 


The first stage in our process is to understand you. We have a carefully designed workshop that analyses your pain points, current KPIs and business Processes. This allows to design Reports or Dashboards that will have the most influence on your decision making. 

Our focus on Return of Investment (ROI) ensures that we measure what is important and improve your business. We will help you get ahead of your competition. The process involved looks at many aspects of data including data cleansing, data migration, data integration, data manipulation, data visualisation and data analysis. 

This process allows us to create a Data Audit which we use to assess your ROI.



The Data Audit gives an overview of your business, showing the processes and to create some more in-depth reports to improve your business?  We can speed up the process and guide you through the complexities of connecting up your data. We have a wealth of experience creating new and enhancing reports in a variety of formats. You may need some interim programs that will take the time-consuming filtering.  By using the latest technology we can provide a clear and tried method of achieving the concise output to reduce costs or increase revenue. Our focus on ROI will help you get ahead of your competition. Talk to us now to find out more about our Power BI Consultancy

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