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Gain access to exclusive free Tutorials

  • R Development Code

    Learn how to use R with our examples
    Valid for 3 months
    • Loading Data from Excel, odbc and SQL
    • Manipulating Data with tidyverse, dplyr, tidyr and lubridate
    • Visualisation data with ggplot2, plotly and googleVis
    • Modelling data with Machine Learning and AI techniques
    • Reporting and dashboards with RMarkdown and Shiny
    • Connecting to APIs with httr, jsonlite and XML
    • Data Manipulation
  • Power BI Tutorials

    Excel your business by joining us in learning Power BI
    Valid for 3 months
    • Loading Data from Excel, SQL and Cloud sources
    • Creating Visual graphics and concise plots
    • Traffic Light KPIs and OKRs
    • Publishing and Sharing Reports
    • Integration with SharePoint and developing Scorecards
    • Connecting R and Python with Power BI
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